Sleep Coach St. Cloud, MN

If you've recently been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, it can be overwhelming. When making the adjustment to begin treatment for improved sleep health with the use of CPAP, there are several things to consider.

Purchasing a CPAP machine is an investment in your health. A CPAP machine works by sending a steady flow of air into your nose and mouth as you sleep. This actually "splints" your airway and helps keep it open so you can breathe normally. Many people find that once they start using a CPAP machine, it instantly relieves sleep apnea symptoms that have been taking over their lives. For other people the transition into CPAP can take a bit longer. Some people find their new CPAP awkward and uncomfortable. Working with a professional at Synergy Sleep Health for a proper mask fit and training on the use and cleaning of your new CPAP is critical to your success.

We think CPAP has gotten a bad rap over the years. Most of the time it's because someone hasn't taken the time to inform you on how your machine will operate. Or something that frequently happens is that no one takes the time to fit you for a CPAP mask specific to your needs. At Synergy Sleep Health, we NEVER ship you a mask that we "think" you'll like or that will fit you. We take the one-on-one time it takes to allow you to try on masks and explain what the difference in style means to you.

We provide a Respiratory Therapist and Sleep Technologists with over 28 combined years of experience. More importantly, working with Synergy Sleep Health provides you with a SLEEP and CPAP COACH. We work together to develop a sleep strategy for a healthy life while using your CPAP machine. Synergy Sleep Health provides a full 30-day Mask Guarantee if your mask is not working for you. You simply return the original mask, and we provide a replacement at no additional cost.

When you purchase your CPAP machine with Synergy Sleep Health you will get a state-of-the-art auto adjusting CPAP device that includes heated humidity, heated tubing, and a modem connection that allows your Synergy Sleep Health Coach to follow along with your progress and report back to you on how you are doing. We help answer questions by actually looking at your data so that we can address any issues you may be having with the settings, a CPAP mask that isn't fitting well, and other strategies to help you be successful with your CPAP machine. We also provide reports to your doctor so that he or she is up to date on how you are doing with your CPAP therapy.

Sleep is one of those quality-of-life issues. Good sleep quality can make a dramatic difference. We see people every day who say they haven't gotten a good night's sleep in 20 years. Sleep makes a difference in absolutely everything. You don't have to feel tired all the time. You can regain the energy to exercise, enjoy your hobbies, spend time with your family, and much more. Take back your life now!