"My experience with Jennifer and Synergy Sleep has been incredibly enjoyable. My expectations continue to be exceeded and really appreciate the expertise Jennifer brings to any visit. I would recommend anyone seek them out even if you're not in the immediate St. Cloud area (which I am not)."

Dustin K.

"I found Synergy Sleep Health online searching for answers for my sleep issues. After calculating that a sleep test thru the St. Cloud Hospital/Centra Care would be far too much money, I found this alternative option. I also liked the idea of an in-home test since I have a hard time sleeping other places. I didn't know if I had sleep apnea and wanted to find out if that was the reason I've been clenching my teeth in my sleep to make a better airway. I called Jennifer initially to confirm the overall cost of my test would be under $400 because I could not believe it. She gave me the overall run down of how the tests work and answered my questions about whether she thought I should get a test done. She said to rule anything out I would need to take the test to confirm. I got the referral to get the sleep test done.

Jennifer has an office in the Woodlands building. She was very courteous and helpful with all my questions. Test results come back pretty quickly too! I learned that when I sleep on my back, my airway gets blocked, which was the reason why I would snore, clench, and gasp for air sometimes when I slept. Now I sleep with a vest on at night to keep off my back so I clench much less. I recommend Sleep Synergy for a starting point if you are experiencing sleep issues. Would highly recommend!"

Jenny H.

"It has been a delight to work with Jennifer. The in-home sleep test was easy and convenient. Jennifer's subsequent review of the data and potential treatment options was thorough and clear. I'm very pleased with the results and confidently recommend Synergy Sleep Health to anyone concerned about their sleep."

Brian H.

"Wow! Extremely impressed with Jennifer. She walked me through the whole process and was very patient with me. She helped me find out how much sleep I was missing and helped me find a solution to correct it and saved me money in the process. I am on track to getting the best rest I could imagine! Thanks!" .

Kevin G

"I came to Jennifer at Synergy Sleep Health with some snoring issues. I decided to take a Home Sleep Study and was shocked to learn I have moderate Sleep Apnea. Jennifer took the time to make sure I had all the information I needed to make a good personal decision on how to move forward and sleep better. I couldn't be more satisfied with my care!"

Cheryl F.

"Couldn't be more pleased. The sleep study was easy (and so much more affordable) to do in the home, and using the CPAP machine has given me great results!"

Stephen M.