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Find out what's causing your sleeping problems

Are you having difficulty sleeping at night? Do you fall asleep at random times during the day? Synergy Sleep Health, LLC offers home sleep testing to help you solve your sleep issues. Our in-home sleep testing is:

  • A unique sleep solution that allows you to have your sleep study in the comfort of your own home
  • More convenient than in-lab sleep testing
  • Easy to set up on your own
  • An accurate source of the answers you're searching for
  • A local and cost effective solution for your high deductible

We'll gather information about your sleep habits to help you find a pathway toward better physical and mental health, increased brain stimulation and improved overall life. Schedule your in-home sleep test today.

Are you dozing off during the day?

We'll use the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) test to assess your daytime sleepiness. Once you have a score, we'll determine the proper course of action to help you get a good night's sleep. We'll learn about your chances of dozing off during eight everyday activities. This helps us make predictions about any daily risks, as well.

Contact Synergy Sleep Health today to learn more about ESS testing.

We'll find the source of your sleeping problems

At Synergy Sleep Health, we understand no two cases are the same and will treat each person on an individual basis. You have particular stresses and health conditions that make your sleeping problems different from other people. Our in-home sleep testing and assessments determine what the cause of your problem is to help you find a solution, and start your day feeling refreshed.

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